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Timber Design:

Client requests a typical look and the concept is conveyed to us through an architectural drawing. We base our design on the client’s desired outcome, issue construction drawings and ensure that the contractor understands what is required from them to create this virtual concept into a reality. Once installed, an inspection to scrutinize the stability, connections, grade of wood, position etc is undertaken and once all criteria is met, a completion certificate is issued.

Concrete Hotel Design & Office Block design:

The Client request a typical concrete design for a multistorey. All design aspects are considered and a holistic design approach is undertaken. Cost, Client’s desires & Limitation, quality, Innovative Technologies, time are all considered in the design. Construction drawings are issued and inspections are undertaken. Inspections are undertaken systematically and all structural aspects are closely monitored to ensure all phases are done correctly.

Portal Steel Frame Design:

Industrial warehouses are typically designed using graded steel. This is to accommodate long spans, time, cost and duration of construction. Steel design required that more inspections are done in order to monitor the quality of the workmanship. Steel designed is highly specialised and allowance should be made when designing. The Client’s limitations are considered in this type of design too.

CIVIL Engineering Projects:

Kalumbila Town Project- Zambia completed 2011-2013

EVK was employed for the design, development and project management of the infrastructure for Kalumbila Town.